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Three things you can do immediately to save money on your auto insurance

With inflation and auto insurance costs on the rise, many families are looking for ways to keep their insurance costs under control. The following are three immediate ways that may be available to save some money on your auto insurance without having to reduce your coverage or change your deductibles.

Switch to a “paid-in-full” billing plan

Most insurance companies now have a fairly substantial “paid-in-full” discount which is worth considering if you can pay for the entire policy term up front. Many of our agency customers prefer to pay for the entire year ahead on a credit card to earn “reward points” from their card of choice. That allows them to earn reward points or cash back incentives as well as take advantage of billing discounts. With some companies, the discount percentage is as high as 15%!

Take advantage of digital discounts

Most insurance companies will offer a number of different billing options when it comes to paying your insurance policies. There could be a significant discount available for changing to automatic, electronic payments instead of sending a paper check into your insurance company. Some insurance companies also offer up to a 5% discount just for opting in to electronic delivery of your policy documents instead of paper!

Digital Auto Insurance Driving Programs

Most insurance companies on the market today have discount programs available on auto policies under the category of telematics. A telematics program is a way to earn a larger discount on your auto insurance policy in exchange for electronically sharing some of your driving behavior. The idea behind these programs is if you are a safe driver, then you should qualify for a better rate on your insurance. Telematics programs are completely optional and may not be a fit for everyone. They are however one of many options to help manage your overall insurance costs. Insurance companies with these programs may offer up to a 10% discount just for participating and signing up!

Working with families as their trusted insurance advisor is what we do every day. Connect with us for an insurance review and to see how we can save you money on your auto insurance.