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Drive Safe in Winter Weather

Snow plow

It only takes one small patch of ice to wreak havoc on your daily commute. The weather is calling for slick roads from the snow and ice today. Be sure to plan extra travel time to be extra safe!

Tips for safer driving in winter weather:

  • Just stay home. If at all possible, put off your errands until the weather clears.
  • If you must drive, give the road crews time to plow and sand the roads.
  • Have the right tires on your car. To get traction in the snow, your tires should have at least 6/32 inch deep tread
  • Replace worn wiper blades. Falling snow and rain can impair your visibility, and it’s critical you aren’t distracted when driving on icy or snowy roads.
  • Keep the windows frost free by running your air conditioner on “defrost”
  • Be sure your lights aren’t covered in snow, which will make it harder for other drivers to see you
  • Give other cars plenty of room so that you can take your time when slowing to a stop
  • Assume wet roads are icy roads. Black ice looks just like a wet patch of road, but is very dangerous.